Monday, April 13, 2009

Something to engage you until I get back/

I am obliged to my old friend John for drawing this to my attention.


Mister Coppens said...

Yes! It is beyond me why we can't accept that there is only one species of humans.

In order to have WORLD PEACE, we need to collect all of the beautiful, colour-blind, people who want to live together in peace and harmony, and kill the rest.

Dave said...

Have you gone away?

Ellen said...

That just made my morning. Thanks.

Vicus Scurra said...

I hope I can live in peace and harmony with you Donn.
Dave. Only emotionally - can't get into blogging at the moment.
Ellen. Seems as if you will be living with Donn and I. The upside is that he won't kill you.

Dave said...

The upside of living with you and Donn is not being killed? I would think that was a preferable alternative.

Leni Qinan said...

Very sweet and relaxing; it made me feel like dancing -which is cool if (like me) you're suffering from a bad case of monday holiday blues. ;)

At least my boss is out -he doesn't belong to my same species of human being-

PS.- I hope you keep up with the good blogging soon, Vicus.

(*dashes out of the blog to avoid being killed*)

Mister Coppens said...

Alright already you people know what I mean..oops I said mean.

Any more jokes and I'm sending a donation to Anne Widdecomb's re-election campaign in your name!

Pamela said...

Taking a mental vacation is soothing..

Hope you're well m'dear.