Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Who says there are no good White heavyweights?

In a weekend full of sporting drama, not the least of which was Macheda's goal, this perfectly executed right wins my nomination as Sporting Highlight of the Week.


donncoppens said...

This sort of rude behaviour is precisely why Rugby will never become a major* international sport like Horse Racing, Buzkashi, and Darts.

Oye! Posh an' I both pronouncissit May-JAH.
I 'ope this 'elps.

Dave said...

Call that a punch? You should have been at some of our cricket matches.

Richard said...

I love the way he was lining up for another one, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was surrounded by cameras. This is why we like sportsmen.

Nobody else is being drawn on the Macheda goal, obviously. Perhaps they just don't care. I do. I do hope he stays with the club. It's getting periliously close to the end of the season and I've yet to see a single highlight of any game. There were pictures in the papers.

Boz said...

I've seen worse at the cake baking contest in my parentals village. They're vicious! They slip knitting needles into places you don;t want to think about.

donncoppens said...

Cat got y'er tongue?

You haven't derided Boris for a while..wot's 'e bin upto?