Monday, April 27, 2009

On maintaining standards

I wish to draw your attention to my continuing efforts to help young people.

I have just posted the following on the facebook page of a dear friend.

You will see that it is couched in terms of concern and kindness. Please let me know if I can be of help with any of your younger friends and relatives who might benefit from my wisdom and compassion.

Much as I am loath to disturb you, I feel that I must draw to your attention a transgression by your younger son.
I was quietly going about my internetual activities this morning, when I was somewhat perturbed to find the following message from said offspring on my facebook page:
“well done you nob jocky”

I am not a judgmental person, and recognise that **** (name changed to protect the little git) has lacked the presence of a suitable male role model during his formative years, but I cannot sit by and watch this sort of display without protest. You were involved in the teaching profession for some years. I am therefore reticent to advise on a suitable deterrent, but in my day repetitive correction was deemed to be effective. May I suggest that you get him to write, 2000 times:
“Well done, Uncle Vicus, you knob jockey.”
I trust that you and your dear husband are in rude health and continuing to contribute to society. I am sure you will both join with me in my on-going efforts to stamp down on poor grammar and spelling.


Dave said...

You are an inspiration to us all.

Rog said...

Well done you Nob Jocky.

Adam said...

If its to easy somethings wrong!

Vicus Scurra said...

Dave, yes, and at such a reasonable cost.
Rog. I am obliged.
Adam. FTW! I can't understand your comment, don't know which spelling corrections to make, or know which words are missing, and don't know whether it was an attempt to be funny or just your normal style. Keep it up!

Boz said...

What was her reply?


Well done!

Were it not for the efforts of yourself and Mrs. Pouncer, I fear that the Queen's Anglysche would all but disappear into the ether.
A real nob jockey would never let his participle dangle..especially in public!Keep up the good work.