Friday, April 24, 2009

Yes, it's Henry Fonda in "On Golden Shower"

I am obliged to my dear friend Carol for drawing my attention to the following news item from my home town.
I was at school with Carol, and, incredibly, she is still alive. I have no embarrassing stories to tell about her as she was, as are all of my friends, a careful and well behaved young lady.

This item refers to unruly and antisocial behaviour by a group of senior citizens, in a cinema during sessions when they were allowed discounted prices.

I have left a comment on the site thus:

Allow me to speak up on behalf of the disruptive forces described in your charming little essay.
When I reach my threescore years and ten I hope to display the same sort of behaviour as those fine citizens so cruelly lambasted by the running dogs of commercial fascism. I doubt whether I will ever attend one of these orgies in the Freeman's common Odeon, but if I do I shall exercise my right to stand on my head during the national anthem, make loud sucking noises during the dirty bits, boo Clint Eastwood and goose the young lady selling choc ices.
The majority of these people have worked for over 40 years to earn their right to enact displays of mindless vandalism during "Carry on Constable".
How dare anyone encroach upon their basic human rights?

UPDATE: My comment appears to have been deleted. The Leicester Mercury was always run by fascists. Nothing has changed.


Mike Riversdale said...

Please to say hi to Carol from here - if not "Carol" known from here then add "we welcome you" - if "Carol" ex these parts (cyber and/or real) please to say, "miss your words!"

Dave said...

Don't worry Vicus. I think it's highly unlikely you'll reach threescore years and ten.

Dave said...

Just realised it's your birtrhday next week. You may reach 70 in that case.

Vicus Scurra said...

Mike. No, as far as I know the lady in question has never blogged. Most of the people with whom I was at school were too sensible for that.
Are you referring to that Morphy woman? I miss her.
Dave. I am determined to outlive you. I don't want you hijacking my funeral.

Dave said...

Did you hear the discussion about this case on PM (radio 4) this evening? They quoted from the newspaper article, and the responses, but I didn't hear your bit. Must be because it's before the watershed.

Rog said...

It's Odeous behaviour!


I can't wait for that generation to cash in their chips they are so muthaflippin annoying.

These are the xenophobic bloody know-it-alls who 'did without' during the depression and know what a dollar is worth, fought the Kaiser & Hitler and saved the bloody world, they sing God Save The Queen and blindly adhere to the archaic dogma of their family's denomination..honestly!

You've done your best to keep mankind mired in the 18th f*cking century so please just hurry up and get on with it already.

It's time to fork over all of your penny-pinching inheritance so that the rest of us can try uniting the the people on the planet you old racist holier than thou cranks.

Once they've gone we can try to undo their black and white world...unfortunately they have stained half of their offspring with their pre-rennaisance cosmology..thank you very f*cking little! We're gonna legalise Pot and Prostitution as soon as you stodgey old farts are gone! You hear me! McEuthanising outlets are starting to look pretty good right about now.

Man that felt good...was I believable? I think that I stayed in character this time and I really understood what he was seeing..I mean through HIS eyes. OK I really want this part man..see what you can do..I won't let you me!