Friday, October 13, 2006

He's back, he's back. It's the same one!

Many of you will have noticed that Adam is back with a new blog.
It is called best of the internet, which may be a little premature.
So far, only Frontier Editor has joined in the Adam beating on my pages, and you may have thought that he did such a good job of it that your contributions weren't required.
I would, however, urge you all to visit Adam's site and give him some moral support. It takes tremendous courage to venture into the world of literate communication when there are so many factors acting to make that difficult.
So far, apart from me, he has had only one other commenter. He scared her away by correcting her spelling.
He has now published a little article pouring scorn on myspace, which is where people of his age typically hang out on the internet.
I am thinking of advertising for him on Google. Something along the lines of "Lonely young man, not too much to look at, but trying hard, needs to get laid, and could do with a couple of weeks of unrelenting drug fueled debauchery. Please enclose photograph of drugs". What do you think?


Dave said...

Don't do drugs, children. They're not nice. Old Mr Scurra is only joking.

Vicus Scurra said...

Please ignore Dave, children, it is the 'shrooms talking.

Betty said...

Ignore Dave, children. Do lots and lots of drugs. Being young is the only time when you can get away with enjoying yourself without horrific physical consequences.

I'm a bit disappointed that Adam's new blog doesn't have the subtle, understated, innovative design of his previous site. That shade of electric blue is going to be etched in my memory forever, but, ahem, I wish him well with his new ventures.

Frontier Editor said...

I'm even more disturbed with Adam's new template than with his previous one. The new one looks like the easy-install instruction sheet that comes with a Hewlett-Packard computer.

Perhaps as a lightheated joke I should post as 'Maf54' and tell him to do lots and lots of children instead . . . .

Carmenzta said...

Children, ignore everyone BUT Dave. If you do drugs now, you will invariably become just like the homeless crack-addicts people swear at under their breath when they stop at a red light downtown. It does too have Horrific Physical (and I might add) Mental Consequences. Sorry Betty.

Adam said...

I think I should ignore Dave. Vicus did lots of drugs, and look at him now!

vcoca- Coca that is mixed with heroin. Popular wintertime treat in urban areas.