Thursday, April 12, 2007

I have been drawn out of my long silence to pay tribute to one of the great literary figures of this age, whose death was reported today.

Seldom has one man been so accurate in his description of the human condition, and at the same time highlighting the futility of our actions.

** For those of you coming to this late, Terry Hall died at the same time as Kurt Vonnegut.


JolietJake said...

hang in dude, you should be strong for him(them).

I always wanted to put hand up a ducks arse and I still hope I will one day.

Vicus Scurra said...

Jake, I trust that you can tell the difference between a lion and a duck, and that your comments about the duck's arse was simply some unconnected thought that found its way into my comments box.
If you cannot detect the difference, then I suggest you do not accompany children to feed the ducks in your local park. For your own good, that is: I am not qualified to judge whether your local children are deserving of being eaten by large felines.

Dave said...

Lenny the Lion.

Brings all the horrors of childhood rushing back.

Reg Pither said...

Tewibble news indeed!
Thankfully, I still have my own minature Lenny from from when I was a child still in the attic. Worrying but true. How sad is that? Sadly, it's only a glove puppet.
Terry Hall is still alive and well, I trust? Always could knock spots off Kurt when it came to grim tales of good old WWII.
P.S. Vicus, have you been on a mission to Mars or locked in the airing cupboard? Halles Comet has become a frequent visitor since your last post.

KAZ said...

Lenny was a lion
Orville was a duck
Torville was a skater.
I made a mistake in a recent post so I am now in full possession of the facts.

Betty said...

Lenny The Lion once presented an award for The Best Drawing To Accompany The Weather Forecast on Midlands Today to a girl who was in the year above me at our school.

He flirted with her - "ooh, you're a bit older than some of the other children!" said Lenny.

She was still only about thirteen though. These days he would be booted off television in disgrace.

Is Lord Charles still alive?

Vicus Scurra said...

Look, you silly people, it is Terry who died, not Lenny. Lenny is struck dumb with grief.
Betty, sweetie, you need to punctuate better. I thought the title of the award ended at "school" rather that "Today" when I first read it.

Richard said...

Rather that? Tsk.

That's blown The Specials comeback tour then.

Ray Alan is still alive apparently.

raincoaster said...

So that's you on the left with that fat guy's hand up your butt? I always wondered how someone like you earned a living. What will you do now? Do you get a pension for that sort of thing?

to embarrassed to admit who I am said...

I'm horrified - I have no clue who is in the photo. However when reading Kaz's comment:

Lenny was a lion
Orville was a duck
Torville was a skater...

that Dean liked to...

came to mind.

zoe said...

ermmmm - no idea who it is. a cheetah ? anyway, our little Quickos seems to love having a fist shoved up his backside. it's almost worrying.

Vicus Scurra said...

Sorry everyone, I thought it was Kurt Vonnegut - I shall be making changes in the proofreading department.

And yes, "to embarrassed". Only your humour saves you.
That should be "TOO embarrassed", "i" should be "I", and it should be "who Dean liked to .." not "that Dean liked to..".
I think the rhyming think would only have worked if Orville was a Pobble anyway, had we wanted to adhere to accuracy.

Dave said...

Vicus, when you want to criticise other's writing, do proof read your own.

'Think' ?

Richard said...

Dave, I left it, thinking that "rhyming think" was some Vonnegut in-joke and because I've only ever read Slaughterhouse 5, didn't want to make myself look a twat any more than was necessary.