Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Brotherly love

The BBC news channel is offering a story in which David Cameron outlines the Conservative’s approach to Europe.

Unfortunately one has to watch a video stream in order to find out what the approach is, and I fear that I would regurgitate the delicious vegan fruit and ginger cake that I have just eaten if I had to watch the odious little tit.

So I am guessing their approach is via Calais and direct to Dresden with the bombers.

My approach to Cameron would be from above, sitting on top of a five ton weight.


KAZ said...

Please don't compare that twat to a tit.
Tits are wonderful little creatures who would never dream of voting tory.

Dave said...

Kaz, please don't compare that tit to a twat.
Twats are wonderful little creatures who would never dream of voting tory.

I, Like The View said...

I tawt I taw a puddy tat, a tweeping up on me

oh, sorry, must have been thinking about kittens again. . .

Sneppoc Einnod said... the behest of the other members of the House of Lords I shall have to ask you to desist in this line of reasoning.

We all bloody well know that Mainland Europe will be bloody well overrun by bloody foreigners within 20 bloody years and we should be bloody thankful that we are separated by a decent sized body of bloody water.

First we blow the bloody Chunnel then we hit the capitols with all we've got..
then we start napalming the bloody countrysides in an orderly fashion.

Once the bloody mainland has been properly bloody scorched the bloody Yanks will join in and try to take all the bloody credit but we'll let them start the reconstruction.

If you leak a word of this you can expect a visitation from one of our trained re-sensitising agents who will immediately perform a quick and cost efficient lobotomy...
then you can get your Tory membership card and can resume voting.

yes, quite,
Lord Suchansuch.

zIggI said...

twats and tits are female please don't compare that knobhead to anything female that would never ever dream of voting for anyone that conspicously slimey.

Dave said...

I trust you are even now writing one of your trademark science articles about this:

Rol said...

Only five tonnes?

Wouldn't it at least have spikes?