Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I will be back after these messages

  • Boggins is back. Perhaps only temporarily. Please do not miss what may be his final performance of the year.
  • Do not miss "Campus" on channel 4 on Friday 6th at 10.00. Dear old Blue Cat is the star behind the scenes.
  • I am reluctant to send you lot to this next one. This lady is my cousin. She is actually my cousin's wife, so we do not have any genetic connection. I have never met her, and don't want any of you to be silly when you go to visit. She is a very nice lady, and I have forgiven her husband and his family for fleeing the continent when I was born. If you misbehave I will have my other cousins come and sing to you. Then you will be very sorry indeed.
  • I had a postcard from my dear friend ILTV. I done a lol. Get over there and make her do one. Now.

1 comment:

I, Like The View said...

your ratings will not be improved by such deferrals young man

(I done a LOL?!?!?!? wonders will never cease)