Sunday, November 08, 2009


May I solicit your views about the artistic performance most deserving of an award this weekend?

The contenders are:

  • The elegant and poetic Martin Castrogiovanni, who epitomises grace and subtlety.

  • The multitalented Henry. You will all know his dear mother Melissa from her association with dear old Bozza. Henry is the 8th of her seventeen children, and has already made it into the national spotlight. Henry hopes to become lead singer with Hawkwind when his voice breaks. On this link, he is about 9 minutes in.

  • The cast of “The Thick of It”. I done several lols this week. I am especially enamoured of Ms Rebecca Front, and I have contacted her via Twitter to ask her, if possible, for her to visit and do her dance on the cushions at my house. As I have never met the lady I felt it expedient to point out in said message that I was not a pervert. Strangely, she has not yet replied. Those of you (Dave) with no interest in her distinguished comedy career may recognise her as the boss of the repressed homosexual Lewis and his screamingly camp sidekick Hathaway. Surely in this new century it is no crime to catch the other bus, and the sooner these two incompetent cops come out of the closet the better. I shall put this point to her if I get the opportunity.


Ellen said...

Damn, you Brits have all the superior shows. Just watched some clips of The Thick of It on YouTube as the BBC player is not cooperative outside of the UK. I will sadly have to wait for some inferior American ripoff show where the morality will be up and the swearing down:(

I, Like The View said...

you seem to have overlooked this man

Rog said...

Contacting her on Twitter is a bit up Front isn't it?

I love the Thick of It (Watched In the Loop at the weekend too) but I also love Lewis. But not in any biblical sense.

zIggI said...

ah, see I've just clicked on the link for 'Thick of It' and it has a man saying the F word a lot. This is not appropriate in a primary school!

Please take care in future.

Donn met twee n's said...

Everyone, even those we think we hate, needs a "dance" on the cushions every now and then.

Castrogiovanni appears to be two names mushed together..he needs to make a decision.

Vicus Scurra said...

Ellen. Buy the DVDs. Show them to all of your friends at secret parties. The revolution is coming.
ILTV. There is nothing vaguely artistic about pummeling another man, unless he is carrying a rugby ball.
Rog. Thank you. I rely upon your consistency.
Ziggi. How was I to know that you still attend primary school. Some of your writing is quite mature. I guess it is your maths that held you back.
Donn. Perhaps he does. Why doncha tell him?

Melissacw said...

Hi Vicus

A compliment from you is worth a thousand words and please forgive the cliche.

The young singing talent in the BBC iplayer apparently was not nervous at all on the night and he was asked four autographs. It was a huge honour.

I will keep you updated on any future public performances

Peace & love

Richard said...

I was in Leicester yesterday but did not see the rugby footballer you appear to have a bit of a schoolboy hero crush on. Cold showers, just a phase.

Melissacw said...

Now on YouTube - Pie Jesu