Friday, November 06, 2009


I may attend to the request from the reverend gentleman in due course, but I need to record the fact that I have been moved by watching one of the finest displays of sporting prowess that I can remember.
For those of you, and I really must try to educate you, who do not appreciate the beauty of the spectacle of rugby union I will be brief.
Leicester have just beaten South Africa. South Africa are the world champions, and just about the best team in the world. The result may seem close, but actually they destroyed them. I have never seen a tri-nations team capitulate in the scrum in the way that the boks did tonight.
For those of you who would, more than a little churlishly in my view, say that it was not the main South African team, I would point out that Leicester had 12 players injured and a further 6 away on international duty - they had to recall players out on loan to other teams in order to make up a full squad today.
Please view it as a religious duty to see Martin Castrogiovanni play rugby in this lifetime.
That is all.


moreidlethoughts said...

Well, you get no argument from me, Sir! (I am, after all, a daughter of All Blacks soil)

the word verification is dercera...neither Afrikaans nor French, but perhaps it's Leicester for what will be will be?

Dave said...

Is it on a free channel at any time?

zIggI said...

Yes, it's a shame he doesn't play for London Irish.

I, Like The View said...

sorry, you lost me at the word "rugby"

many apologies

Richard said...

I am going to Leicester on Monday to attend a family funeral. It would appear some colonials have already been buried.

Richard said...

Oh, and the last time I was in the vicinity of Welford Road, turning left by Nelson Mandela Park onto Tiger's Way, I got a speeding ticket. This time I shall be being cautious and not exceeding 30mph.