Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Another ripped off post

I was reminded when composing the previous post about some cricket commentary I once heard. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who said it.
"Yousef Youhana, only the 5th Christian to represent Pakistan".
"That's about 4 more than Australia have had".


Bob said...

Had you meant to write "4 more"?

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you, yes, and now I have.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn'that be "has had"?

/Grammar mistake! You are mortal after all! (Or maybe this is another incident where it's "diffrent" in your country).

Anonymous said...

I am not sure, Adam, there seems to be some differences about these sorts of issues, depending which side of the Atlantic one is. As I was only recalling what someone else said, I think I can weasel my way out of that one, anyway.
However, I think you should have said "Shouldn't that" rather than "Shouldn'that" (are you from Yorkshire?). And one also should never start a sentence with 'And' nor a '/'.
Which one of George Bush's relations is at your college?