Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A job well done

It will not have escaped the attention of anyone other than those living hermetic existences in the most remote outreaches of the globe (Tibet, Borneo, Market Harborough), that my efforts to support the downtrodden and bewildered have been recognised at national level:

(For the full content of my contribution:

My first recollection of hearing the name Boris Johnson was in one of those quaint and slightly embarrassing charity appeals that interrupted the absorbing Les Dennis weekend on UKTVGold. I was touched, moved and inspired to hear of this threatened species of clueless and absurd old Etonians, one of whom had managed to find a Tory pocket borough in Henley on Thames. I felt that it behoved me to do my best to help draw attention to his pathetic situation, and, thankfully, my efforts have been rewarded. I hope this selfless act of mine, for which I expect no thanks or earthly reward, other than the knowledge that my dedication may have inspired others, may in the fullness of time be seen as catalyst for historians to record the deeds of the Conservative party: it would be tragic if these were to become as mythical as the court of King Arthur, or the wit and beauty of Michael Winner.

This strange species breeds by sprouting young from their shoulders. Posted by Hello


Dyna Girl said...

YoooooHoooo, guess who! Jones's Bitch, Dyna, you name it, it's me! Glad to are escaping spammers! xoxo

Anonymous said...

"This article is available in full to Independent Portfolio subscribers. Access it through BT click&buy."

So, unless you expect all of your American readers to pay 10 Pounds, or 40,000,000 Dollars to read that first article, I'd suggest copying it and pasting it here.

Also, I didn't know that the Croats were an issue in the UK. I'm glad to live in a country that's done being overrun by a non-English speaking group.

Muchos Gracias,


Vicus Scurra said...

Adam, you are almost becoming witty.
Here is the essence of the article appearing on the Independent site:
It's a bit bumbling on the surface, but that disguises an honesty, keen organisation and depth that put many rivals into the shade; rather like the man himself, in fact

Those who regularly look in might recognise the quote chosen from one of our regulars ..."How about love and peace as a political standpoint... No, bugger it, that would be silly. Let's just focus on keeping the Croats out" - one of our distinguished and unique contributors.

Anonymous said...


Fabulous quote !!!

Muchas gracias tambien

Melissa @ Boris Johnson's Office

Mark Gamon said...

You got Melissa to post to YOUR blog? Some folks have all the luck...

Vicus Scurra said...

Mark, you chose not to believe that I was being sexually harrassed by Michelle Pfeiffer, so I knew you would not even begin to contemplate what is happening with Melissa.

Mark Gamon said...

I still reckon I could take Michelle off your hands, no worries. Melissa, on the other hand - hmmmm. Might get a bit scaaaaaary...

Simon Holledge said...


Amish macaws swear sillily
Wears salamis whimsically
Clammy Swahili wassailers

none of them have the direct, prosaic quality of;
Slim Welsh Lass etc.

What we need is a bit more research, i.e. what is her middle name?