Friday, February 04, 2005

Heartwarming moments

I am happy to recommend tv channel FX289, which I have recently discovered. Apart from the quite delightful "Reno 911", I have just watched a jolly little production during which Penn Jillette referred to President Nixon as "this crazy motherfucker". An apposite description if ever I heard one.
I am puzzled, however, on two counts. Firstly, I think that FX289 is owned by Fox, who I associated with having their corporate noses well inside the recturm of the Bush administration, and being perpetrators of reactionary bullshit. Secondly, I wonder whether these shows* have ever been shown in North America - perhaps my North American readers (a Mrs Trellis of North Wisconsin) can inform me about that.
Long may it last. Let us look forward to the day when all citizens of the world can describe their leaders, past and present, as "crazy motherfuckers" without fear of reprisal.
Just off to bolt the door.

* Penn and Teller : Bullshit


Anonymous said...

Here, Reno 911! is shown on Comedy Central, which is owned by Viacom, which is in now way owned by FOX. So unless there is some kind of crazy rights-switching going on over there, you are in no danger of being exposed to political opinions that differ with yours.

Anonymous said...

That was Adam, by the way.

Vicus Scurra said...

Yes, Adam I guessed it was you, although you made it difficult by leaving the grammatical error until the penultimate word.
I trust you are well and happy, taking lots of hallucinogens, and getting laid twice daily.

broomhilda said...

Penn and Teller Bullshit is generally shown on cable, I believe it is on Showtime here in the States.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I meant to say that it was in "no way owned by FOX." Not now way.

-Adam (Eats, shoots, and leaves).

Vicus Scurra said...

Much as I regard you with a great deal of affection, Adam, my old pal, if you are going to post a correction for everything that you write, then the world will soon run out of disk space.