Saturday, May 06, 2006

Open those wallets

I posted this just now on the Boris Johnson blog. As it contains hyperlinks, it will have to wait for approval by the lovely Melissa, but anyone who saw Bozza in action the other night should commemorate admiring his tackle (impossible to post here without some smut) by donating to the appropriate charity (both if you want to show off).
Here is what I posted on Bozza's site:

As there appears to be no specific link on the Red Cross site for the Boris Johnson Football Hero appeal, then please follow this link to make a donation Red Cross
The other charity supported was the Bobby Moore Cancer Appeal:
Bobby Moore

(All gate receipts from the match went to these two charities).

As there is no way of mentioning Boris in your donation, then you will have to be altruistic about it and give some money anyway. Conservative voters will have to look up the definition of ‘altruistic’.

UK tax payers (I suppose that marginalises the Tories as well) please remember to use the gift aid option.

Please do it now.


tom909 said...

That was some tackle Boris put in last night. I just watched the Bobby Moore program - I really enjoyed it. Why no sleep Vicus, it's late. I've just played a couple of games of go and now I'm off to bed. Anyway, as this is a serious post I better hadn't use your reply space as an email. Sweet dreams old boy.

Cherrypie said...

If all football teams had a Boris, I'd be much more likely to watch it. That was fantastic! I'd even vote for him if he was our local candidate, regardless of which party he represents.

I applaud your sentiments and agree that such a marvellous tackle should not go unrewarded.

Tom, I've not long been in from work ( don't ask) and need a bit of winddown time before I attempt sleep. Please don't fret. xx

raincoaster said...

"I was going for the ball with my head which I understand is a legitimate move," he said.

It is if you work for Prescott.

Sorry, but if you get to recycle your Bojo posts, so do I!

PS you could make it two separate posts. They let ONE link get posted automatically, just not two.

Vicus Scurra said...

Thanks RC.