Tuesday, May 25, 2010

George's new job - Part 13

George had had a very exciting week. Dave had arranged for him to go to Brussels, where George had shouted at a lot of foreign people, and told them that he was better than they were, and he wasn’t going to give money to Greece.

“They’ll be wanting the Elgin Marbles next!” he said, and thought that was very funny.

He told them all off for wanting to spend more money this year, but let them do something or other about hedge funds, which was OK with George, who didn’t have a hedge anyway.

On the way back on the train, George asked Kylie to go and see whether the driver would mind if George sat next to him for a time, and perhaps could have a go with the steering wheel. She came back with a jam (strawberry) doughnut and a puzzle book, and he soon forgot about her mistake.

A couple of days later George had gone back to Brussels, and had been a lot tougher. He had insisted on blackcurrant jam in his doughnut. Dave was going to ask William to go with George this time. George wasn’t sure why, so he went ‘online’ and changed William’s booking to a trip to Afghanistan. George didn’t see why he should have to share his doughnuts. Anyway, William came from Yorkshire and would probably prefer the tripe and onions that they served on the aeroplane.

George had also given an important speech at the CBI, and told them how much he supported their efforts to provide affordable furniture for poor people.

George met some very clever people who were able to do foreign accents frightfully well.
"Go on - do that Sarkozy chap!", demanded George.


I, Like The View said...

I hope it was join-the-dots, rather than sudoku

Dave said...

tee hee

Scarlet Blue said...

I hope Kylie has some wet wipes in her handbag.

Vicus Scurra said...

ILTV. Your compassion shines through every word.
Dave. You are exceptionally silly.
Scarlet. I could not comment, and believe you are leading us down a potential very sordid path.