Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A stable government! Praise the Lord


dinahmow said...

And we all know what comes out of stables.
My condolences.

donn said...

Dear Mr Kronic Kalisthenics,
My loyal subject.

As yoo knoow my Grandson, no the good one, is aboot to be wed and in doing so, the Monarchy will once again unite the Nation.

Please desist from all of this drudgery and phootooshooping nonsense and do something productive for your country.

Doon't make me send over the Lads in the big bear hats.


Dave said...

I never thought I'd see a Liberal deputy PM in my lifetime.

I, Like The View said...

which Lord are we praising?

when those photos were shown on the televisualbox, I said to the teens that the gap between Her Madge and the PMs was perfect for a Private Eye speech bubble

ziGGi said...

hmmm, does she have carpets?

Vicus Scurra said...

Ziggi. Thanks to the new government's radical proposals on inheritance tax, Liz and her offspring will be able to afford carpets - and good carpets at that - for many years to come.
Dinah. You're next. Help to elect twats in your country - we're all doing it.
Donn. You are very silly.
Dave. Yes, and Vince gets to work for George Osborne. Haven't they done well?
ILTV. Your powers of prophesy are prodigious.

Rog said...

Amidst the venomous resentment and bile may I be a lone voice to wish the new Prime Minister well?

He has youth and enthusiasm on his side and with the tempering support of the Libs (who voted against the Iraq War and predicted the Banking fiasco) he deserves at least a couple of years tackling the insane profligacy of Brown.

The Labour party will be much happier sniping and whinging from the sidelines supported by the RMT Union and other anti-social elements.

Good luck Dave! With negative thinking losers and freeloaders pissing on you from every direction you need a cheer or two from someone.

Pip Pip!

Vicus Scurra said...

Rog. Nice to find a Cameron supporter who isn't stupid. I knew there must be some out there. Am I one of the negative thinking losers and freeloaders? I do hope so. I hope Cameron and his party of dimwits fails spectacularly and we never see their like again. I am still looking for someone young enough who will undertake to dance on his grave, as I fear I may not be around.
Osborne as chancellor. WTF as the young people say.

raincoaster said...

Don't worry, Vicus. Boris is only waiting the designated period before assassinating him; if it's done before a certain time, Clegg automatically becomes PM. After that time, a new election is called. Just bide your time.

And, once Boris is in power, leave banana peels in all the bike lanes. And researchers' knickers.

Macy said...

As if! Dave C and HRH go back years y'know. She used to live next door to his school.
Natural order is being restored one well born eejit at a time.

Geoff said...

I'm looking forward to Dave's "attacks on jobs".

Robynn's Ravings said...

I see that OBama wasted no time in being the first to call and invite him for beer and cigars. You can only hope he shares some of his wisdom as well and maybe you can sink as deep into the toilet as we Americans. We really hate to get flushed alone.

dinahmow said...

Oh dear! I,m getting confused already. Could I ask all contributors here to refer to the Prime Minister by a name other than Dave as we have a Dave of some standing already.
Surely, he must have a nick name. The PM, I mean.