Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some more of God's mistakes.

Sorry to be heavy and everything, man, and I will attempt to get back on course with the usual tripe later on today, even though I have some work to do.

1) Doddery Old Fart has decided to withdraw his on line services in quite a spectacular and theatrical fashion. If any of you other bastards think it is a good idea to die before reading my complete works, then please let me tell you it will just not do. You need to apply for permission, and it will not be given unless your name is Margaret Thatcher. Now go over to Doddery's site and leave a farewell message please.

2) This link was posted on my village website. Doddery has gone, and Bush is still alive. Shit.


Martha said...

It really, really, really, really sucks.

Dave said...

How strange. I was only saying to my son last night that I'd leave my passwords with my will, so that, should I die, he could put a proper post up, telling my reader that I've gone for good.

I, like the view said...

sadly dave's comment has reminded me of a Take That song and now I can't remember what it was I wanted to say

Miramar Michael said...

I agree with Martha and everyone - it's just not the same anymore ... a light went out, boo hiss!!!

homo escapeons said...

That excavation playground looks like the kiddie centre at the Haliburton Family Picnic. Except you drag up gold bars and M-16s that you get to take home.

Asking for help from Gonzales is as Faustian as it is pathetic. Gonzales is the one who should be in Quantanamo.
Our species needs a huge enema!

Anonymous said...

That news made me feel dreadful. It is no consolation to doddery that it made a lot of people feel dreadful.

Or to his family.

Or even to his pub.

I suppose it is some consolation to really bad drivers in New Zealand who can now hurtle through the slush knowing that their upside-down Ferret scoutcar will never delight people all over the world.

I am left to wonder what happened to him.