Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nuclear war sorted - what shall I do next?

There seemed to be an unusually large number of pedestrians in Park Lane today. I could not quite work out why; I enquired at the Grosvenor to see if there was 10 bob off of one of their suites, and none of the estate agents had anything much under £3 million for a reconditioned matchbox so it remains a bit of a mystery.

Some of the folk were a little boisterous – something about “People not Rodents”. I am perplexed. I am not above poisoning rats, but confess to be quite fond of voles. In any case I am not sure why it has become such a major concern.

My presence created a media frenzy. In this picture I am next to the bald gentleman (as indicated by the arrow) but I was blocked out by that attention grabbing hussy Caroline Lucas.

This is where I was standing until my ears started to bleed because of the overloud ‘music’. I buggered off at that point and didn’t bother to listen to the speakers, nor did I speak despite a very enticing offer from Vanessa Redgrave.
I wish there was some sort of deterrent that could be used to prevent noise pollution. 

If you are trying to spot me in the thousands of photographs on line, I was wearing a hat like this one, but my head is not quite as pointy.