Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thank you, I'm here for at least two more years

I wonder which of these comedians is more to your taste?

Perhaps Rodney, with his rapid banter, or Dick with this charming characterisations. Do many of you find Bazza, with his subtle satire, obliquely camouflaged by apparently mundane observations to be the new force in America humour? I think that his patter needs to be sharpened to match his content, and were he to attend to this, his ratings would rocket.

“We can’t allow the corporations to take over our democracy”. I’m sure that we all fell about. Did any of you rofl? Are any of my dear readership (aMToNW) buttockless this fine day having lmfaoed? I thought it was a very clever idea, delivered with a straight face and no clue as the underlying irony. How could the performance be improved? Well, perhaps with reference that even the most humble person can become president, juxtaposed with the cost of an election campaign would have added some weight to his theme. Surely his audience still remembers Dubya, and there could have been some further humour extracted by referring to him. I am not sure that the introduction and exit music that featured in Rodney’s act would be appropriate in these times, but some acknowledgement of, if not interface with, the audience would have added to the mirth. I also think that the potty mouth approach, as adopted by Mr Prior, would have detracted from the aura of the performance. 

Apparently, in yet to be broadcast episodes, Barry goes on to say it that it is important we avoid a terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre, that the rain forests must not be depleted for profit and that it is essential for democracy that  the defecatory habits of the family Ursidae in areas of aboreal density is restricted.


Dave said...

You will always be the funniest man in the world, as far as I'm concerned.

Vicus Scurra said...

The appreciation is reciprocated. When you told your story about the prophet Habbakuk, the goat and the jar of peanut butter from the pulpit this morning, the waves of laughter could be heard from as far away as Gloucester.

Rog said...

I like the ultimate threat "We don't know if it's BP". Antichrist alert.

I wonder if there will be any future assertions as to the belief-system proclivities of the Pontiff?

Christopher said...

I find myself wondering if you and Dave were ever invited to audition for Waldorf and Astor and what went wrong. Could it have been the casting couch?

I, Like The View said...

oh dear, I seem to having a sense of humour failure

thus I cannot appreciate your offering today

many apologies

(it's "me", not "you")


Rog said...

Does Chris mean Waldorf & Stadtler (the, er, Muppets)?

Vicus Scurra said...

Rog. Yes, every one a Maserati.
ILTV. Your honesty is refreshing. See me in my study.
Rog. You will have to ask him what he means, it can't be the muppets - aren't those two ugly, miserable, unfunny old men?

Richard said...

The one in the middle - is it Ken Goodwin?

Romeo Morningwood said...

When did the Koch brothers get to you? You Billionaire Libertarians are all the same aren't you?
Blaming the government for this and that.

Oh sure it's easy for you lot. So what if the welfare state comes tumbling down. You'll still be watching the ponies whilst sipping champagne and nibbling on those cute little sandwiches with the crust removed.
For the love-of-God, let the poor lad enjoy his one term Presidency!

In 2012 President Palin will easily dissolve the system within weeks of her inauguration.
But then beware the great unwashed shall arise! We'll all be scaling the walls of your estate like zombies..clamoring for strong drink and assurance that the good old days will return with a chook in every pot...and prolly hinting about spending a few days on the couch..just 'til we get back on our feet...a week at the most...maybe do a few odd jobs around the house?

Be careful what you widh for.

Romeo Morningwood said...

I said 'widh' because I was biting my tongue.

Adam said...

"the new force in America humour?"

Wait a second, did YOU make a typo? Really? You? Or is it the new trendy slang amongst you grammatical types to just say "America" when you mean "American?"