Saturday, January 21, 2012

No wasps allowed

I thought I would share with you this recent exchange of emails. I had not previously heard of or from the sender.
I will let you know if my correspondence with the gentleman who thinks that I am a fan of the St Louis Rams takes a turn for the interesting.

Hi Everyone,
Hope you're all having good weeks! Its about to get even better.... Please come for dinner around 7:30 on sat night. Oh and if you could text Adam or me when you arrive rather than buzzing, that would be great. Wild!!

I'll be there!
Who are you?
I don't use text - I'll just stand out in the street and scream if that is OK.
Who are you?

Is this a haiku??

Pls not to ask complicated questions, I am still trying to work out why I have been invited.
What are your expectations?

I'm so sorry! I had the wrong email address for my friend! Please ignore!

Oh, so I am not invited now, huh? This is because of the screaming in the street thing, isn't it?


Richard said...

You would only have embarrassed yourself.

Rol said...

I'd invite you to my dinner party if I had one. You might not want to eat the food though.

Vicus Scurra said...

Richard. Is that not the only purpose of dinner parties?
Rol. I detect a lack of enthusiasm in your invitation.

Anonymous said...

Hold it on the stoop and you could have a landing party ....